Is Cumbre Vieja a threat to the US east coast?



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    Cumbre Vieja, an active volcano in the Spanish Canary Islands, does pose a potential threat to the east coast of the United States.  Some experts believe that during a future eruption of Cumbre Vieja it would be possible that the western half of the volcano could collapse; thus causing a huge tsunami.  Scientists have estimated that waves caused by the tsunami could approach 1 mile in height and would travel at about 1000 miles an hour.  If that were to happen, the tsunami would reach the east coast in about 6 hours and the waves would have likely shrunk to an average of about 150 feet but would not have lost any of their speed.  Estimates have been made that these waves could reach 16 miles past the coast line on the East coast.  If this were ever to occur it would be absolutely catastrophic, but luckily many scientists actually believe that many landslides are regularly occurring on a regular basis which lesses the severity of the threat posed by a potential collapse.

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