critical analyze and explain why u agree or disagree with the statements?

1. The economic growth from high levels of resources use in developed countries provides money for more financial aid to developing countries for reducing pollution,environmental degradation, and poverty.
2. The world will never run out of potentially renewable resources and most currently used nonrenewable resources because technological innovations will produce substitutes,reduce waste,or allow use of lower grades of scarce nonrenewable resources,



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    Hi sohail. I could be wrong but this looks a lot like a homework question.  I would recommend starting with your textbooks or prescribed reading, your local library, even the internet if need be. As your statements deal in part with renewable resources, I would also recommend browsing our previously answered questions on the same topic (just use the search box in the top right of the page to type in keywords) – there is a lot of good information.

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      Yes you are right. its my assignment. i am working for last 7 days but i don’t find any answer that explain it properly. sir can you answer me statement 1 in detail regarding 2 pages. i have to subbmitt that assignment after 2 hours sir. will you help me. thanks

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    If someone seeks your critical analysis and explanation of these things, whatever I could say is useless.

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    Plagiarism: The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as own’s own original work.

    Also see: Cheating.

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