Is cricket bad for the environment?



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    It depends. In the case of destroying a sensitive coastal environment to build a stadium for cricket, cricket would indeed be detrimental to the environment. (see article reference below). Also in general, grass fields for sports that require huge amounts of maintenance including water use, fertilizers, etc. are not good for the environment. However, cricket as a sport you play in a park where the climate is such that a lawn can thrive without additional human additives including water, cricket is probably just fine.

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    Like almost any other sport, cricket is really only bad for the environment when it is done on a large scale (organized).  As previously noted, if done recreationally in a place where there’s already a space for you to play, it won’t really hurt anything.  However, when it becomes broadcasted and watched for entertainment, there’s always going to be energy usage that otherwise would not have occured. Also, if you’re watching it from a TV or computer, that’s extra carbon emissions.  This is kind of a nitpicky answer, so I would say that in general, cricket isn’t bad for the environment–at least not any worse than other televised sports.

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    Cricket itself is not bad for the environment. A better question would be: “Are the manufacturers of cricket gear using environmentally-friendly materials and principles?”

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