Is creatine bad for your body?



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    Potentially, creatine may be bad for your heart, and has a chance of creating kidney stones. It also causes slightly more water to be stored in your muscles, and may cause gas and bloating. However, these effects are considered to be relatively minor, and not much testing has really been done on whether creatine has serious negative side effects.

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    Creatine is a dietary supplement that is not regulated by the FDA and that is used by athletes to work out their muscles and improve performance. Here are some harmful effects of creatine:

    1. It causes water retention and weight gain, which could slow down performance in athletes participating in aerobic sports such as swimming, cycling, running, etc.

    2. There are reports of other side effects of creatine including dizziness, abnormal heart rhythm, rash and migraine headaches.

    3. Creatine supplementation may be bad for the kidneys, especially in people at risk of having kidney disease.

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