A couple of months ago when it was so hot and dry we saw a mountain lion in our yard. Since then we have seen him about four times, two being at night when he gets into our trash. I am VERY afraid of this cat. What can we do to make him go away?..



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    There’s a reason why the mountain lion keeps coming back, and from what it sounds like, it’s because of your trash. Secure your trash better, by using ropes or even chains, and trying to throw away less meat or grease that may attract the lion. Since it’s hot and dry this time of year where you live, make sure not to leave water around as well. Also, if you have any cats, keep them inside or tell your neighbors to keep their cats inside– again, this has to do with what’s attracting the mountain lion. If none of that works, try scaring him using pots and pans, or get – or borrow- a couple good guard dogs (cats hate dogs, even big cats.) 

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    Report this whole issue immediately to your local Game and Fish Department. They’re trained professionals whose job is to handle things like this.

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