In the countries in Africa do they eat a lot of beef?



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    No. America and China consume the most beef, and Africa produces some, but not a lot is consumed there.

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    Each country obviously has different rates of consumption when it comes to various products. The beef consumption in Africa varies greatly from country to country, so I will provide a few examples from different parts of the continent.

    For reference purposes, the average American eats 124.8 kg of beef per year, Canadians average 108.1 kg/person and those in the UK average about 79 kg/person.

    The trend in Africa seems to be that the poorer the economy, the less beef is consumed per capita due to its relatively high price. The average in Malawi is 5.1 kg/person, Rwanda is 4.4 kg/person and Ethiopia is 7.9 kg/person. Some of the better off countries consume more beef such as in Gabon the average is 46 kg/person and South Africa averages 39 kg/person.

    While the beef consumption in the better off countries in Africa may be higher than those with less wealth, the consumption does not even come close to westernized countries.

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