Could you commit to buying only guaranteed ethically produced clothing, resale or vintage clothing for a year?

It is almost impossible to trace the supply chain of clothing. Even the cotton can be “laundered” from slave labor produced farms so that you don’t know where it originated. Though many companies are making efforts to change things, we are a long way off! I propose that people take a stand and refuse to consume throw away clothing. If we buy only ethically made clothing or second hand or vintage clothing, we can make a statement that we won’t accept sweatshop produced garments any longer! Buy less, but buy quality and pay more for items that are made by adults paid a living wage!



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    I’ve been buying only second hand clothing for years. I find not only are you not contributing to the rampant consumerism of our society, you also find much more unique and interesting things. Not to mention the money that one saving; I bought a dress suit for $20 where my employee bought his for $200. Furthermore, organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army help rehabilitate and employ thousands of people each year. So it is certainly possible and practical.

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    I don’t think I could. When I have gone shopping in thrift shops, I have rarely found clothes that were both age-appropriate for me and that suited the occasion I was shopping for (job interview, party, etc). Also, as someone with a small and wide foot, I rarely find shoes that fit in general, so where I find a comfortable shoe, I take it. That said, I don’t buy a lot of clothes, and when I do buy new clothes, I always give away some of my old clothes.

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    With the appropriate liquidity, I think I almost could (staples like undergarments and shoes would break me). One thing I already buy vintage anyway is bags. I love the interesting and high-quality pieces I can find, often for so little money. And I love the idea of the stories these pieces have, which are inevitably more interesting and less depressing that most bags in stores (just by not being made in a factory abroad).

    As for formal wear, remember that vintage doesn’t necessarily equal thrift. Point in case:

    Julia Roberts with her Oscar and her vintage Valentino

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    I honestly think that I could. I often buy clothes at vintage stores and have found some true gems that are my favorite pieces at thrift stores- this includes jewelry, shoes, and bags. Besides being less expensive and unique, this is also a sustainable way to reuse clothing and reduce waste. Underwear is the one thing I wouldn’t buy from a thrift store but you can easily find ethically produced undergarments.

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    I think that is completely doable for me–seeing as to how rare it is that I actually buy new clothes anyways.  When I do end up getting some new duds, it usually is second hand or vintage.  There are some pretty good finds out in the “used clothing” world, sometimes it just takes a little imagination. 

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    I would try, but honestly, it would be pretty hard for me. Obviously, the environment is more important than fashion, but at the same time, clothing is one of my favorite things. I’d definitely enjoy the challenge of hunting for vintage pieces and putting them together, but I’d also definitely be tempted to go to H&M.

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    I became what I like to call very conscious years ago and I cannot unlearn what I have learned. I would consider myself a hypocrite and selfish to say something like ” sorry mother nature, but this is convinient for me. I do not need this but I want it”. I think this is a selfish attitude. I would never put myself in front of nature or animals and even people, most of the time. I cannot say  “sorry asian kid, I know you are hungry and suffering, but I like this piece of whatever, and I do not want to spend more than 5 dollars on it, because I work hard for my money and I think I deserve it”.

    To answer your question, I commit for the rest of my life.

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