Could we use icebergs for water?



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    Yes. In fact, some campanies like Fiji and Berg are known to harvest iceberg water and bottle it, claiming that it is a renewable resource. Whether or not this is true, or merely from “a certain point of view” is debatable.

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    While icebergs could be used as a water resource, most likely it would be very expensive to do so considering the transport cost and issues associated with such a resource (unless the water was being used locally where it was harvested from).  To reduce both cost and environmental impact, it is often better to use existing water resources and have programs in place to both conserve and recycle those resources.

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    Please think first, global warming, polar bears  as well as other wildlife …. how much more will man do to destroy the habitat of polar bears that may become extinct within our lifetime?

    May I please recommend a video on youtube: Resist Do Not Comply.

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