Could we somehow send our carbon into space?



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    This is a great idea Lizbethgara!

    It is an idea that was also proposed by a physics professor named Alfred Y. Wong.  He proposes that we help rid our atmosphere of large amounts of carbon dioxide by ionizing the molecules and guiding them to high altitudes over the Arctic where they would be swept away by Earth’s magnetic field into space.

    This may seem like a wild idea, but it is actually based on a couple of natural processes.  The first being the ionization of carbon dioxide molecules, and the second being their eventual upward drift into space.  The natural process is a lengthy one, but based on the fact that it exists in the first place, Wong’s model may just work.

    Pictured below is a simple diagram of Earth’s magnetic field:

    Hope this helps!

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    Theoretically, if we had some way of sequestering carbon and then launching it into space. Here’s the kicker though — what about all the emissions from firing up a rocket to break through the atmosphere?

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