Could we replace all of our roads with solar panels?



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    Because solar panels are expensive to produce, and because roads get so much wear, it isn’t practical to replace our roads with solar panels. Other unlikely places might work better–like over mausoleums in cemeteries, as at least one city in Spain has recently done.

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    By replacing all of our roads with solar panels a large amount of energy would be required to transport the solar panels all over the country, create the solar panels, and finding a way of placing them into the road or making them strong enough to support the weight of vehicles . One option that is being discussed with solar panels and roads is placing them along freeways. Areas around freeways tend to have a good amount of solar exposure, which makes it a feasible location for solar panels. Also money that would normally be spent on weeding and spraying pesticides along freeways could instead go towards the installation and monitoring of the solar panels.

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