Could we realistically give up CARBON for lent?



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    What kind of lint do you mean?  If you mean the stuff you get from your dryer, then no.  We do not have it in enough quantities, and it probably isn’t as efficient or cost effective as coal. 

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      Wow, I totally misread that! Carbon would be difficult to give up for Lent simply because everything we use has a carbon footprint to it; your food, your clothes, everything.

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    The answer is variable.  For some people it would not be realistic at all.  There are people who live and work in areas where they couldn’t get to work by walking or bike.  that’s just the most obvious example, think of all the ways that a carbon footprint is produced.  The majority of people would have to camp in the wildnerness for 40 days to make a carbon-less goal attainable.  However, for someone incredibly conscious about it, they could give it up completely with reasonable accomodation based on their existing level of commitment.

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