Could we raise electricity prices to try and get people to use less?



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    We could, in theory, but I don’t know that any one company has plans to do so any time soon. I think education and advocacy at the individual level, especially in regards to how much money one could save on their electrical bill, might do wonders for energy use as well. For example, if a person were to start a neighborhood coalition to educate their community about environmental issues, they might do wonders to change the mentalities of people (e.g.

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    Raising the price of electricity might get people to use less, but it could also make it harder for families struggling to pay their bills. People are going to use electricity in their homes for their appliances, heating, cooling, lighting, and other purposes not matter what the price. One option that some electricity companies are doing is to create a bracket for consumers. Where after a certain amount of electricity is used they move up into a more expensive bracket for electricity. For example an electricity company charges a rate of 5.12 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the first 250 kWhs, then after that they charge 6.89 cents per kWh until more than 500 kWhs are used, where the prices increases again. This takes into consideration that almost everyone uses and needs electricity and rewards those that use less.

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