Could we just ban coal?



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    No. Coal is too essential for many processes, we want to be environmentally friendly but not at the cost of worldwide production. In order to ban coal use we would have to have a viable alternative in a large enough quantity to fully replace coal production, and at this point we do not have anything like this. In addition, coal falls under the Energy Lobby in the US, meaning that the coal industry’s interests are protected by one of the most powerful lobbies in the whole world.

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    Potentially, there could be laws that ban coal altogether, but there are many people involved in this process; and it is of many people’s interest to keep on mining coal.  There are cities in Wyoming, for example, where the economy is based entirely on coal.  People go there for a career in coal mining, and they, among others in the energy industry wouldn’t be happy if coal was banned.  Also, people are used to a certain lifestyle, and banning coal would decrease available energy, and throw some things off balance.  Not that this wouldn’t be better for the earth and all of us in the longrun, but there is a lot to take into consideration before these kinds of measures can be undertaken.  The regulations that surround the coal mining industry may eventually turn into a ban, I’m not sure.

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    If coal were banned right now, everyone in the US would go without electricity for almost 12 hours out of every day.

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