Could we ever move to another planet if we screw this one up bad enough?



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    Maybe. It depends when we will have to go to that planet. If it is after the next 25 years, then maybe we could colonize the moon or Mars, but this is unlikely. The atmosphere on those planets can’t sustain life like Earth can, and it would be very difficult to live on Mars or the moon just because of how different it is. I just hope we are never in that position.

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    It is entirely possibly, just not at this point in time. Colonizing another Earth-like planet is still very far off in the future, and probably will not be possible for another few generations. The nearest candidates, like Kepler 22-b, are several hundreds of light years away or more. Kepler 22-b was recently discovered last year as a possible Earth-like planet, but it is over 600 light years away. So unless we develop FTL (faster-than-light) travel anytime soon like in Star Wars or Star Trek, we need to take care of our home planet very well. 

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