Could we ever destroy enough of our ozone that would make us too hot?



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    If we continue on the destructive path that we are currently on, we could most certainly damage the ozone to the point where we could be too hot. Fortunately those of us inhabiting the earth today won’t be around to experience that. The products and chemicals that we put into the air contribute the wearing of the Ozone. An example of any early effect of warming that we have been able to witness is the fact that more and more of the Arctic Ice cap is melting. The Arctic Ice Cap actually regulates some of the earths temperatures. There hasn’t been a dramatic jump in climate but it has been some significant changes.

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    In a way, we already have.  Global warming is an issue here and now, and more effort is needed to help reduce the amount of carbon being emitted and in turn the amount of ozone we are destroying.  Australia and New Zealand are populated areas that have seen an increase in skin cancer over the years because of the diminishing ozone layer in their part of the world.  Glaciers are melting because global temperatures are higher than normal.  It has already begun, but with proper large scale conservation efforts and public awareness, we can help to reduce future damage.

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