Could the scenario in 2012 actually happen?



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    Theoretically, yes. I suppose fire could rain down from the heavens and we could be struck by so many meteors (or one huge one) that the livable world would be destroyed. But, what my instincts tell me is: NO! (Probably—if not definitely—not.) We are going to be fine. We are going to step up and save the world from self-inflicted destruction on our part. The Mayan prediction did not foretell only the Destruction of the world, it foretold the Creation of a new, better world. One in which there is peace and plenty for all of God’s Blessed Creatures, all of which should know no nations, only Love. People should not fear our own demise (even if it looks as though we are headed that way sometimes); instead, we should look forward to the future and know that we are going to endure, we are going to find solutions to the biggest problems (that have effected humanity in horrible ways for too long now (fix hunger, war, and economic oppression and you’ve got yourself a better, more livable and peaceful world), and we are going to unite in our common humanity. It is time for some serious change. Everyone can feel it… And it is my sincere hope that we have what it takes in our hearts and minds to make the change a positive one. One world—where everyone is taken care of, and everyone truly has a more equal opportunity to succeed in life on their own terms—ruled by those who Love. That’s what the future has in store for us, I believe. Not The End; The New Beginning.

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