Could personal magnetic transport work?



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    This is really a matter of opinion, but I think it could work.  We have the technology, and it would certainly make a lot of people’s lives easier, but as far as replacing cars completely, it is highly unlikely.  There is no way they would be able to build a station in every home, connecting you to everywhere a road would normally take you.  This would mean that people would need a way to get to the stations by bike or on foot, and getting public support for that would be impossible.  Also, for small towns, this type of transportation would be too expensive for the little amount of use it would get.  It seems like more of a method of transportation that would potentially replace trains running from suburbs to cities, or between two large cities.

    Hope this helps!

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    I’ve been reading about inc which is a consortium of engineering companies headed by American Daryl Oster which is planning the development and launch of a maglev vac-train system. I had thought that such a system was literally a ‘pipe dream’ although in reality all of the technology required to build such a system already exists. By building a network of concrete tubes, either elevated or below ground depending on the location, pumping the air out of the tubes and utilising existing maglev technology, small capsules capable of transporting up to 6 people or 370kg of freight can be accelerated along the tube at speeds ranging from 300kph for local transport up to 6500kph for inter country transport.

    What makes this system feasible is that construction costs are projected to be one tenth that of high speed rail or one quarter that of a highway. The system uses liner motors which require little power to accelerate the capsule to speed then the capsule coasts for the duration of the journey requiring no power at all due to the absence of atmospheric resistance. As the capsule slows most of the energy is regenerated through the liner motors. Capsules are automatically routed by centralised computers at high frequency allowing direct transport from a local point to a destination which may be within the same city, a different city or even a different country or continent. Imagine being able to travel from Beijing to Washington DC in just 2 hours! Daryl Oster calls this ‘Space Travel on Earth’!

    Cost and time savings for the transportation of both passengers and freight will result in the certain success of this system and see it expanded to every continent on earth. Et3 plans to commence construction in China due to high transport demands, low labour costs and level terrain. Expansion will then progress to India, Europe and Russia followed by Canada and the USA via a link through Alaska. This will then allow expansion down to South America and perhaps even a link from Singapore through Indonesia and a 280km tunnel under the Timor Sea to the Australian continent! (Tunnel width required for this system is only 1.5 metres making this a true possibility). As production costs decrease even poorer nations in Africa will one day benefit from access to this global network.

    The prosperity that this system will one day offer to the inhabitants of planet earth will promote equitable movement of resources thus promoting stability and peace linking the people of earth as a global community.

    As the transport demand of the future is set to increase exponentially we must embrace the implementation of this system which will one day replace our need for cars, trucks, trains, ships and aeroplanes which all depend on the depleting reserves of fossil fuels. In the future, access to this system will be so critical that people will choose to live in consolidated cities allowing the regeneration of the world’s natural environments. As the system will take up so little space in our cities, land currently used for roads and highways can be transformed into parks and public open spaces for walking and cycling.

    This is the system for a sustainable future! Please read more at, search et3 in youtube and watch the presentation, if you represent an engineering company please investigate how you can become a contributor to the development of this system, if you are an urban planner raise awareness of this transport system for the future in your city, if you are an individual please tell as many people as you can about this amazing opportunity for planet earth!

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