Could our military ever use green tanks?



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    Maybe.  It may become possible, with more research, to make tanks run on biodiesel and to make them with more eco-friendly materials.  However, this is entirely dependent on the military’s desire to.  In short, it’s certainly possible, but the military will have to come to that decision.  Only time will tell.

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    It depends. Tanks are really heavy and require a lot of power to run, so I think we will have to do more research on electric power. A lot of modern technologies become mainstream after the military uses them, so I’m sure they are researching different fuels. If they find something that is more efficient, saves them money and gives them an edge, I’m sure they will adopt it. 

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    Although it’s not strictly seaking a tank, the military is experimenting with a new assault vehicle that is a diesel hybrid. The Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV), built by Quantum Fuel Systems Technology, was delivered to the U.S. Army in November 2009 for use with special forces, presumably in Afghanistan. The CERV obviously isn’t as heavy or fuel-intensive as a tank, but it’s an interesting experiment into extending hybrid/green technology into heavy military vehicles.

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