Could New York City make a good argument of being the greenest city in the nation?



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    Uh, no. New York City is not on any list of greenest cities in the nation that I know of. Just think of all the traffic and the pollution caused by those 20,000 taxi cabs stuck in traffic (“Just one of them pays you!”). I do think, however, that since NYC is relatively small and compact, that there is potential that in the future, after some major infrastructure investments (in transportation and energy production methods), NYC COULD BECOME one of the greenest cities in the nation. But right now it is not. According to Sustainablog the top ten greenest cities are (I put them in order best to worst [or rather, 10th best!], but it’s worth checking out the link because they kindly tell you why):

    Portland, OR
    San Fransico, CA
    Boston, MA
    Oakland, CA
    Eugene, OR
    Cambridge, MA
    Berkeley, CA
    Seatle, WA
    Chicago, IL
    Austin, TX

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      NOTE: ANOTHER SOURCE INCLUDES DENVER, MADISON, and SANTA MONICA (I probably should have included them too!)

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      WOW… and on Popular Science’s list NYC makes number 20 for the cleanest, because 54 percent of people take public transportation (are they smart buses — hydrogen fuel cell powered? — probably not) and because they are making their own power via tidal current, using turbines and generators. I guess you learn something new everyday, but I’m still sticking to my answer of NO, because there is a lot more still to be done for NYC — if on every other roof there is a garden or a solar panel and they install an alternate form of transportation such as the Sweedo, then we’ll be talking!)

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