Could human beings ever be used to generate electricity like in The Matrix?



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    Though it is feasible, it seems an idea better left to Hollywood because deriving all your energy from humans would actually waste energy. In order to sustain the average person with a 2000 calorie diet at 4.184 joules of energy per calorie (8368 joules per person per day), they would need to produce some type of food. It is known through trophic web study that each level in the food chain requires ten times as much energy as the one below it, meaning that a lot energy is lost at each level due to the need of the consumer for growing muscles, bones, etc. This means it would require 83,680 joules to grow food per person per day. In essence, they are wasting 75,312 joules of energy by feeding energy directly to us in order to generate energy. It would be far easier to cut out the middle man, us. However they have substituted the energy of the sun to grow food should instead be used directly to generate their power.

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