Could global warming be a natural trend?



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    Yes, global warming could be a natural trend.  There have been changes in temperature throughout the history of the Earth which is why we’ve had Ice Ages in the past.  What’s scientists are concerned with regarding global warming is that man-made CO2 emissions may be speeding up the rate of temperature change that might be occurring naturally.  If that’s happening, we could see changes in weather patterns, severe storms, rising sea level, increased levels of infectious parasites that thrive in warmer climates, etc.

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    I have always believed that global warming was already going to happen, humans just sped the process up. The massive amounts of fossil fuels that are being released into the atmosphere are upsetting its natural balance. Extreme weather is happening everywhere and will continue to get worse if more isn’t done to stop it. While global warming may still continue to develop, it will not be as quick and abrupt, allowing humans and environments to have an easier time trying to adapt. 

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    Like karitate18 said, global warming is a natural trend, as is the greenhouse effect. Without the harmful amplification caused by human CO2 emissions, the greenhouse effect is actually a good thing because it heats the earth when gasses in the atmosphere absorb and re-emit heat from the sun. However, the increase in CO2 causes more heat to be absorbed and re-emitted, pushing the effect beyond the scope of what would naturally occur.

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