Could global warming be a natural phenomenon, which is not caused by humans?



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    previously answered, see link

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    While global warming has happened naturally in the distant past, there’s no reason to believe that’s what’s happening now. Why? Because we’ve known for a long time that the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) causes global warming. We also know that humans are dumping millions of tons of this gas into the atmosphere, and that climate is warming by pretty much exactly the rate you would expect given how much CO2 we’re putting into the air.

    Meanwhile, we’ve observed no natural phenomenon that would account for the dramatic increase in temperature. For example, CO2 emitted by volcanos is only 1/150th that of what’s produced by humans. Iin fact, even when the climate has warmed naturally in the past, it has never done so this quickly. Are humans causing global warming? You be the judge. 

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