Could global cooling be potentially as dangerous as global warming?



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    “Global cooling” is a highly-debated and controversial theory which some think was created in an attempt to debunk the idea of “global warming.” Either way, if there were so much global cooling that the earth experienced an ice age (which, of course, has happened multiple times in earth’s history, and will inevitably happen again), then yes, it would be harmful for several species that couldn’t adapt to the cold. Since we don’t know the overall scope of global warming or “global cooling,” at its present stage, this question is hard to answer with any legitimacy. However, in one’s mind, one could imagine a scenario in which either an ice age or an extreme bout with global warming would be extremely detrimental to life on earth.

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    Changes in the earth’s temperature, whether hotter or colder, can have huge impacts.  Our planet has been in a cycle of heating and cooling ever since it began, and it will continue to do so.  The thing about global warming is that we are at the end of an ice age and we believe that our contributions of CO2 to the atmosphere are hurrying the process. If this were somehow reversed and we went into another ice age, it is reasonable to think that some of our own species would die out, along with lots of plants and animals, as has happened each time in the past.  

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