could a family be completely self sustaining on 2 acres of land?



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    Each individual is capable of leading a sustainable eating habit on approximately 1/8th of an acre, meaning a family of up to eight persons could be self-sufficient in their food consumption with two acres of land; this average would be different depending on what type of environment the acreage was located and would demand a raw, vegan diet. Other studies that don’t require a vegan farming operation estimate that 1.2 acres are needed for an individual with an omnivorous diet to be self-sufficient. To be completely self-sustaining, however, one would have to consider how much land it would take to have the resources and the means of utilizing these resources for things like clothing, power, water, paper, etc. In short, a family can be self-sufficient in terms of food on two acres of land but it would probably take more land to be completely self-sustaining. 

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    Yes – especially if they were to take advantage of the technologies that allow people to grow food without occupying much land. These technologies include, but are not limited to, hydroponics and vertical growing. See links below.

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    Yes.  The key is to combine different agricultural techniques that are complementary. Rotating pasture and gardens is a great way to increase soil fertility.  If animals are not an option, you might improve soil with compost, humanure (for fruit trees) and other types of organic matter.  Biochar and micorhizzal fungi supplements s also a great way to improve soil yield for a small acreage.  Crop rotation is always important or the soil will become exhausted.  I witnessed a lot of rotational small farming with clover and grass in the countryside of Poland.  Everyone had a small rotating plot and a few apple trees which supplemented a good portion of their family’s food supply.  They also grew a lot of pine an birch tree plantations for firewood.  They burned this wood in extremely efficient masonry stoves in order to preserve resources.

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