Could energy efficiency solve a lot of energy related problems?



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    That is up to debate. Since you’ve said “could” I’m inclined to say yes, energy efficiency “could” solve a lot of energy related problems, primarily wasting energy with dated technology and burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate. There are, however, argued drawbacks to to energy efficiency like the pricetag on most green products, lack of power (i.e. having to run a green clothes dryer twice), small potatoes compared to the pros of saving energy if you ask me. 

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    Energy efficiency can of course improve things – but “solve”? Not at current consumption levels. Only reducing consumption will help in a big way.

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    Energy efficiency is definitely part of the solution mix, alongside renewable energy and reduced consumption. It has become a hot topic recently and for good reason since it offers a more immediate measure to mitigate carbon emissions.

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