Could the effects of climate change in the Sahel Region rival those that will be seen in the Himalayan watershed?



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    There are many issues facing the Sahel Region, one of which is climate change.  The climate has changed over this region (as well as many parts of the earth) over several thousand years – we know that the Sahaara once had a very different environment and that many areas were pastoral.  There are rock paintings portrayiing areas that are now very dry, as being covered in vegetation and a great deal of animal presence.  However, with the increase in the time line of current climate change, we are also seeing over grazing, fighting for limited resources, drought and famine that is contributed to by multiple factors including the population in the area.  Whether or not it will rival the changes in the Himalayan watershed is difficult to answer since it’s impact on overall climate is as complex as that.  Because of that complexity – there is not a single, simple answer.

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    I think they are similar. Both have been impacted by man through climate change. However, the difference is that the immediate cause in the Himalayan watershed is irresponsible water management in China and India. The outcomes look earily similar.

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