Could aquarium fish ever be released into the wild, or would they die?



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    The dangers of releasing aquarium fish into the wild have more to do with endangering the environment and the ecosystem then endangering the life of the aquarium fish. There are many cases of aquarium fish prospering in the wild, the goldfish in particular, but when released aquarium fish have potential to grow very large and disrupt natural ecosystems. Most aquarium fish are exotic species that are meant only for domestic use. If they are released they can become an invasive species and threaten other naturally present fish and wildlife.

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    Aquarium fish should never be released into the wild because they could become invasive fish. Some fish released into the wild may not be able to adapt to climate and water conditions, but others may be able to survive and establish a local population. For example 7 percent of Montreal residents admit to releasing aquarium fish into the natural environmental. Overall about 10,000 fish are released by just Montreal residents into the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence waterways each year. Many tropical fish released at those locations die but others like the goldfish and koi carp have established local populations. The white cloud mountain minnow could also establish a local population. Invasive fish compete with local species and create competition, which could have negative impacts on the native population.

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