Is cough syrup bad for the environment?



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    This is an interesting question, and one that can be approached from many angles.  Any mass produced good is in general not “good” for the environment, but one must consider the alternatives and how one product rates compared to equivalent alternatives to using that product.  So lets say, cough syrup vs cough drops vs a natural remedy like tea or honey.  All are made in factories and shipped from production to stores.  However, because cough syrup (and likely cough drops) is not solely made from natural products, there are probably some chemical synthesis steps which would add more steps in the production process vs. packaging tea in bags or honey in jars.  Lastly, think about the packaging, cough syrup comes in plastics which should be recyclable, tea will have a recylable cardboard box and honey a glass jar or plastic bottle.  Conversely, cough drops are not packaged in recyclable packaging. 

    Now, what does that all mean for the environment? I’d say, if you can get the same relief from using honey or hot tea, try that.  But, I wouldn’t lose sleep over using cough syrup to make you feel better when you are sick.  Choose a larger package size so you can minimize the plastic needed for your consumption, and make sure to recycle the plastic when it is empty.

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