Is cotton a renewable resource?



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    Not really. In the sense that it is a plant, that will continuously grow as long as there is sun and water, it is renewable. Yet, cotton is one of the most water intensive crops in the world, which detracts from its sustainability. Hemp is a much more sustainable, and thus renewable, crop. Hemp has a much great yield per acre than cotton, uses less water, needs less pesticides, and can be grown in a wider variety of climates.

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    Yes.  The concept of a renewable resource is simply that.  Can it be renewed?  Can we create more at pace equal to or faster than it’s consumption?  Fossil fuels are not renewable.  It takes an extremely long time for matter to turn to the state can be harvested for gasoline.  Basically the more we use the less we have.

    Cotton can be renewed and has been for quite a long time.  Cotton still remains relatively inexpensive because it is not in short supply.

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