Is the cost of living in dubai really high?



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    The cost of living in Dubai is about the same as living in the United Kingdom.  However, some things are more expensive.  There is a 30% tax on alcohol and the nation ranks as having the highest services costs in the world.  Below is a complete outline of the cost of pretty much everything in Dubai.  Hope this helped!

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    Yes, yes it is. As an interesting cost of living idicator, check this out: the UAE as a whole is the most expensive place to buy a Big Mac (US$2.72).

    But, let’s get down to actual cost of living expenditures. Dubai’s per-month rent is now almost as high as that in Geneva (Europe’s most expensive city) at US$6,000 for two similar properties. The Geneva rent is $6,275. A three-bedroom will cost you $4,000 per month in Dubai and $4,600 in Geneva. Buying property is cheaper in Dubai than in Geneva, but, of course, then you’d have to afford to buy!

    Prices in Dubai continue to rise as more businesses take hold and development continues.

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    Yes it is. However, I am sure the prices dropped a little bit with the recession. Additionally, the country almost went bankrupt after accumulating a high debt. Nevertheless, I am sure commodities are very expensive because the country has to import everything. 

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