Is the cosmetics industry really bad for the environment?



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    Yes!  Just about everything about cosmetics is bad for the environment–the chemicals used in them, the pollution caused by their production, the animals they’re tested on, the cute little packages they come in…it’s all bad. 

    To begin with the packaging, cosmetics are frequently sold in incredibly small amounts, but with an exceptional amount of excess packaging (often made of plastic and nonrecyled paper products); and since there’s not much product in the packaging to begin with, it’s not long before the empty bottle or tube ends up in the trash.  Almost 1/3 of all landfill waste comes from cosmetics.

    As for the ingredients, most cosmetics are composed of synthetic chemicals, including detergents, fragrances, colors and preservatives, which not only pollute the air and water, but can also be dangerous to the user.  Even the natural ingredients employed, such as palm oil, can have devastating environmental impacts due to unsustainable farming practices.

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    Yes. The chemicals used in cosmetics can be bad both for you and for the environment. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to reduce this impact such as making more careful choices about the products you use or making them yourself. has a bunch of recipes that you can use to make better lip glosses and other beauty products.

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    Yes, the ingredients and the way they test it, the majority of cosmetics are bad for the environment.  However, more and more vegan lines of cosmetics are being developed.  Take Urban Decay for example, although their entire brand is not vegan, many of their products are!

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    Everything from the process used to refine materials and package them to what actually goes into the products is bad for the environment. The good news is that many cosmetic companies are now sustainable and organic. Though you can’t trust anything that says “organic,” (laws are still much too loose on labeling in America) here are some great eco-friendly beauty brands: Suki, Dr. Hauschka, ilike and Pevonia.

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