Is corroding Chinese drywall the only type associated with health problems?



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    The majority of drywall-related health issues that have made press lately have been associated with products imported from China, but that doesn’t mean that all other drywall is necessarily safe. Shoddy manufacture of drywall from China has been blamed for eye and skin irritation, respiratory problems and even bloody noses, particularly in Florida and Louisiana, because of the high number of homes newly constructed or reconstructed in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Katrina. The problems with the Chinese drywall, however, are eerily similar to the health effects suffered by construction workers who work with drywall on a regular basis, and for this reason drywall installers are urged to wear masks and other protective equipment. Because drywall contains silica, if large amounts are inhaled it could cause cancer. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is studying the Chinese drywall problem to determine how best to address it.

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