Is corn considered a grain?



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    Corn is often thought of as a vegetable, because it is similar to more traditional vegetables in texture and taste. However, corn is technically a grain because it comes from the dried fruit of the corn plant. All the same, when the State of New York decided to honor corn’s place in its economy, the plant was declared the state vegetable, rather than the state grain. That’s just one example of how in everyday vocabulary corn is more often considered a vegetable, even though it is actually not one.

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         It is. In fact, the words “corn” and “grain” are etymologically related. They both come from the Indo-European root *ǵr̥H₁-no-. It literally means, “worn-down particle”.

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    The classification of corn as a grain depends on usage. When it is eaten fresh it is more of vegetable but when it is harvested dry and removed from the cobs, it is grain considering its size.

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