Is copper poisonous?



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    Copper can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts. Symptoms of copper poisoning include:

    -Yellow eyes/skin

    Sudden death from copper poisoning is rare, but it can have long-term health effects such as liver failure. Death can occur from significant copper poisoning.


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    no… only in large amounts anyone who suffers from headaches, fatigue, insomnia,depression,skin rashes, spaciness or detachment, learning disorders or premenstrual syndrome? These can be symptoms of a copper imbalance. Copper is found in certain foods in greater quantity such as meats, eggs, poultry, nuts, seeds and grains. Other foods are quite low in copper such as fruits, in particular. Others that tend to be low are vegetables and some nuts and grains.Refined food diets are low in copper in many cases.

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    Small amounts of copper are beneficial to ones health, and traces of it can be found in different foods, drinking water, and even cook ware.  However, exposure from industrial fumes can cause what is known as metal fever, a condition with flu-like symptoms that can pass after a few days.  Long term exposure can lead to headaches and nausea, liver and kidney damage, and eventually death.

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    Copper is commonly used in the body in small amounts to help repair bones, and keep  , immune, and reproductive systems working. Sometimes, the delicate balance of copper in the can be thrown out of whack, resulting in fatigue, lowered immune response, and nervous system dysfunctions.

    Sometimes, the levels of copper in the body can be so high, it is toxic. These symptoms are diarrhea, liver failure, vomiting, convulsions, anemia, weakness, yellow eyes and skin, among others.

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