Is copper a good metal for recycling?



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    yes, copper is very good for recycling. copper piping is what’s generally used in homes and businesses for water pipes, and you can sell the copper to some recycling or scrap yards for reasonable amounts of cash. copper can be melted back down and used for plating pennies, making brass, or a variety of other uses. 

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    Most definitely. Copper is a very versatile metal that can be melted down and remolded to make new things. There are a great many ancient artifacts that never survived antiquity and the Middle Ages because these copper and bronze figures were melted down for more practical uses. Copper is a very good conductor of electricity, so it is commonly used in electrical wiring. Copper is considered an essential element, therefore beneficial to humans, animals and plant alike. Because copper is so useful, it is not to be wasted by being released into the atmosphere as fume, or squandered in any other way.

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    Yes. Copper supplies are currently so limited that some people have taken to stealing the copper pipes out of heating and cooling units to sell the metal. Any copper you could recycle would be greatly appreciated, and would probably net you a decent profit as well.

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