cool facts about peregrine falcons



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    The Peregrine Falcon was brought back from the edge of extinction thanks to its addition to the endangered species list. 

    The Peregrine can dive through the air at nearly 200 miles per hour. 

    The Peregrine lives on every continent except for Antarctica. 

    “Peregrine” means wanderer as most of the birds migrate. 

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    • The Perigrine Falcon is also referred to as Duck Hawk, Faucon pelerin (French), and Halcon peregrino (Spanish). 
    • “Peregrine” means wanderer. 
    • It is found on every continent besides Antarctica. 
    • Its wingspan is 39.4-43.3 inches. 
    • It has one of the longest migrations of North American birds (15,5000 miles per year). 
    • Its average speed is 25-34mph and can reach 69 mph when chasing its prey. When in a dive, it can reach 200mph!!
    • Its predators include Great Horned Owls, Eagle, Gyrfalcons, and other Peregrines.  


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