Is cooking time different if I use organic stuff?



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    Cooking times are based on density, texture, size and composition and are not drastically different for organic and non-organic foods because these factors are not that different. Organic foods tend to be smaller and a little less cosmetically perfect, but if you cook the same amount of the same kind of food the time should not change very much.

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    No.  Cooking time depends on the food, not how it was grown.  So, an organic piece of broccoli and a non-organic piece of broccoli would take the same amount of time to cook.

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    Just to highlight the differences between organic and non-organic foods, what makes a food organic is that it is grown and harvested without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, added hormones, or other synthetic agents.  An organic peach is the same as a non-organic peach when it comes to preparing and eating it – its organic growth simply ensures you are not at risk of long-term exposure to unwanted chemical additives.  So, as expressed above, you don’t need to cook these items differently. 

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    Typically no, cooking time and methods do not change very drastically. I do notice a small difference in farm fresh eggs though, when preparing them on their own in a frying pan; they take a bit longer. They seem the same to me when I use them for baking purposes. 

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