Is cooking oil flammable?



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    Yes.  It’s not the cooking oil itself that is flammable, but the vapor concentration above it.  It has a flash point of 150 degrees Celsius, meaning that the vapor will ignite at any temperature above this provided there is a source of ignition.

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    According to the definition of “flammable”, no it is not.  To be considered flammable a liquid has to have a flash point below 100 degrees F.  Flash point is the temperature at which the liquid will form a vapor that will ignite when brought near a flame.  Vegetable oil has a flashpoint of around 600 degrees F.  However, like many liquids, at a high enough temperature it will ignite and burn, for instance a grease fire.

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    “The National Fire Protection Association has assigned a flammability rating of 1 (slight fire hazard) to the following vegetable oils: corn oil, cottonseed oil, linseed oil, olive oil, and peanut oil. However, vegetable oil mist is considered a combustible material”, so in short – yes, cooking oil is flammable.  

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