Is continental drift still happening?



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    Absolutely! The Earth’s crust is basically a floating series of massive plates, crashing against each other and moving around. Most geologists agree that continental drift is most definitely still occuring. We see evidence of this in such things as the Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Well, Old Faithful isn’t so faithful anymore, the volcanic “hot spot” the geyer sits on is moving, thus resulting in less regular eruptions. Also, when the continents move, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. I have a bad feeling that the earthquake(s) in Haiti and the aftershocks are the start of something big. Just saying.

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    The drifting of continents, and plates as mentioned above, is known as plate tectonics. There are continental plates and ocean plates. Ocean plates are heavier than continental plates, so as the two kinds of plates run into each other the oceanic sinks underneath the continental (called subduction). Two of the same kinds of plates can slide past one another (like the two plates that just slide past each other causing the Haitian earthquake). Continental plates drift towards each other, combining the continents, and drift apart separating them very slowly over time. 

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