Is the Container Store a green establishment?



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    The Container Store, like many businesses, has made some environmentally sound adjustments to meet the demand for “green.” This includes encouraging and helping employees to buy CFL lightbulbs, and beginning the transition from neon to LED lighting in all their stores. They will also recycle any used lightbulbs for you, keeping the harmful chemicals in them from going straight to landfills. Container Store locations and offices use the most energy efficient HVAC units available for heating. These steps are a far cry from making the company carbon neutral, but they’re a start.

    As far as their products go, the Container store lists three main ways that they are green: they make units to help people recycle, they make some (not most) of their products from recycled materials, and they make durable products so that people don’t have to keep re-buying over the years. That being said, remember that a great way to conserve is to buy nothing that’s unnecessary in the first place. In my opinion, many of the Container Store’s products are just that. Overdoor hat hooks? Plastic “literature organizers” for a dorm room? A fake canned food to hide valuables in (why not just hide them in a used food can)? We can help the Container Store make its selection more green by only buying the things we really need.

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