Is consumption sustainability’s worst enemy?



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    Phelps, you ask a great question, and I think you are definitely on to something here. I don’t know if consumption is a WORST ENEMY, but I do know it is at the top of the list — I’d put it right up there with COST EFFECTIVENESS (which is tied to both greed and our consumption: supply and demand)… If we could only consume less, there wouldn’t be much of a need to develop sustainable technologies, because there are tremendous amounts of energy reserves—we are just consuming so much at such an alarming rate—EXCESS is a SIN, ask any Buddhist, they won’t call it a sin, but they will tell you: IT LEADS TO SUFFERING!—that we are seeing the negative consequences of our mass-scale consumption, or should I say over-consumption! For a process to be sustainable it means you must use up an equal or lesser amount of what you have re-generated, but since we desire so much (energy and goods) it is very hard for us to keep up with demands. It is almost always more expensive to do things the sustainable way, but in the long run, it’s also the only way that can be considered morally defensible.

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