Considering the purchase price of a good sweatshirt ($40 each) and the carbon footprint of making those sweatshirts…

Does it create more CO2 emissions to buy two new sweatshirts for a three-month winter season and wear them indoors, or increase your thermostat by three degrees for the whole season?



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    I’ll preface this by saying that $40 is overpaying for a sweatshirt. You can get a secondhand, perfectly good sweater from Goodwill or another thrift shop for less than $10… Or you could get one from a friend. You’re in your house, not in a fashion show! 🙂 Also, a secondhand sweater has far less of a carbon footprint than buying a brand new sweatshirt.

    It’s not just the carbon footprint or the CO2 emissions, it’s the fact that by increasing your thermostat 3 degrees affirms your need for fossil fuels for heat. Why not get a cheap sweater or borrow one from a friend for the season, and avoid the issue?

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