Confiscated computers by polis kept outside police station getting rotten under the sun and rain

Because of illegal gaming, in my country (Malaysia) , in Kuala Lumpur ( Brickfields police station), the polis station keeping all the confiscated computers from cyber cafes under the sun and rain. The monitors, HD as well as keyboards all are lying idle like rubbish worth thousands. They are kept outside the police station until the cyber cafe owners are taken to court and charged. Due to think all these PC’s can be used later even it is returned to the owners? By then, what would happen to all the PC’s? Or if it is going to be auctioned by the Police Station later as scrap, how much it will be worth per PC? Is there any other useful ways that can be disposed by the Polis Station so atleast someone can benefit?



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    Unfortunately, leaving a computer out in the rain is a quick way to destroy it. Hard drives can rust, circuit boards can crack,  and a host of other problems can set in. The police stations best bet will be to perhaps sell them for what little can be recycled out of the precious metals in the circuit boards, which is very little. The computers need to be kept inside, away from the elements, if they are to retain their value.

    I hope this helped!

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