Is the cone snail more deadly than the box jellyfish?



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    Both are considered deadly venoumous creatures. The box jellyfish is considered the most venemous sea creature in the world. If not treated immediately, a sting will be fatal to a human. There have been 70 reported fatalities from accidental encounters with the box jellyfish in Australia.

    As far as cone snails are concerned, there have been 30 human deaths from contact with these creatures. Since there is no anti-venom, treatment pretty much consists of life support until the victim has metabolized the poison.

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    The bright colors and patterns of cone snails are attractive to the eye, so humans sometimes pick up the animals not realizing the risk that these snails bring. This is risky because the snail often fires its harpoons in these situations. It can even penetrate skin and wetsuits amongst the larger species. The sting of many cone species are no worse than a bee sting, but the case is different in the larger species that feed on fish. According to Toxicologic Emergencies, 15 deaths have been attributed to cone snail venom.

    The box jellyfish is more deadly giving it the nickname “the world’s most venomous creature”. Similar to the cone snail, the larger species of box jellyfish are the ones that have been proven to be venomous to humans In the Philippines 20-40 die annually from Chirodropid stings, an order of box jellyfish. In Australia 64 deaths have been reported.

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