Is concrete bad for the environment?



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    Not really as it is made from rock, sand, and water. The real problem comes from the CO2 emissions from its production. As it is the second most consumed substance on the planet (following water), this is actually beginning to be a more serious and seriously examined issue.

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    The concrete industry currently accounts for up to 5% of worldwide CO2 emissions. Other environmental problems that come from concrete and its production are urban heat, surface runoff and concrete dust. 

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    pfffft. CO2 emissions. That is a load of contrived bull to tax us to death for breathing in the future.

    It’s the chemicals that accompany production of CO2 like the carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals in petrolium products.

    I also think it is made of limestone. This may change the pH of soil. Although this is just speculation, and probably could only occur locally if it were smashed up and burried.

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