Is the concept of sustainability anti-competitive?



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    It doesn’t have to be. Sustainability is just one factor that consumers can look at when deciding whether or not to purchse an item from a company. However, sustainability is currently usually more expensive than dirty or polluting energy sources. One of the biggest factors that consumers look at is price. Since dirty generally means cheap, then our job (both me and you) is to educate people about why it’s better to spend a couple more bucks than save a few and pollute.

    That said, sustainability is important in any business. Look at the Lorax. The Once-ler’s business failed because he had an unsustainable business model. A farmer who sold wool wouldn’t do very well to kill the sheep to get their coats. He would very soon lose all of his sheep, and no matter how much he got for their wool, his business would have to fail. Businesses always want to ensure that they have the base components (capital) they need in order to continue being in business.


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