Is compost soil a lot better for plants than regular soil?



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    What constitutes as “regular soil” is going to differ from environment to environment.  For example if you live around San Jose CA your “regular soil” might be clay like so if you want to plant a vegetable garden there compost soil will be a big help to you.  If you live in some places, like the mountains of Southern Chile, the “regular soil” is nice, dark, and soft and really doesn’t need to much compost added, though it is an excellent idea if you’re going to keep gardening the same space year after year.  Basically compost is ideal for most plants because it is full of nutrients that they need to grow, it’s full of microorganisms that will fix nitrogen and break down other nutrients the plants need, it drains well (so plants don’t rot) yet can retain water (so you won’t be trying to garden in a desert) and it’s not hard, so plant roots will be able to penetrate the soil easily and deeply.  

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