Is compost safe to use for any of your vegetables?



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    Jael, fully decomposed compost is safe to use for all vegetables. The concern comes if the compost is still “hot” (e.g. not fully decomposed cow manure for example) as it can burn the plants. Different vegetables require different amounts of compost, so this is something you will want to consider. The best practice is to work the compost into the soil prior to planting or transplanting, however you can also “sidedress” a plant with compost by placing some around its base. If you choose to use this method, you want to be careful not to actually touch the stalk of the plant, as this too can burn the plant, if the compost is not fully decomposed.

    Below is a link that you might find helpful that discusses compost more fully.

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    It should be.  Compost is great to use for a fertilizer with almost any vegetable.  However, if you’re growing seedlings, you shouldn’t use a full compost mixture as it may be too overwhelming for the plant.  Use a 20-30% mix instead.

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