comparison of nuclear energy with renewable energy?



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    Nuclear energy and renewable energy are both discussed as possible solutions to the negative effects of burning fossil fuels for energy, but there is one unmistakable difference between the two. The creation of nuclear energy results in radioactive nuclear waste that remains extremely dangerous for thousands of years. This material has to be transported and stored extremely carefully. Accidents with nuclear energy can be catastrophic. Renewable energy, however, has none of these risks. The wind, sun, and tides are inexhaustible sources of clean fuel. Energy can be made from renewable sources in low tech, safe ways. So, while renewable energy and nuclear energy both reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from their production, renewable energy is a much safer option.

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    Nuclear energy, though not renewable, is often integrated with renewable energy. Nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gases but produces radioactive waste that must be stored safely for thousands of years. Renewable energy, also producing no greenhouse gases, converts natural forms of energy into electricity. Nuclear energy reactors are expensive to build. Likewise, most renewable energy sources are not as efficient as people would like and also pose ecological problems.

    Some people argue that nuclear power will provide more power more quickly for increasing energy demands than can cleaner renewable resources provide. The only drawback is that nuclear power emits radioactive waste, which although can be stored, will be difficult to do so. Green energy, on the other hand, is completely safe.

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