in comparison to the cougar or bear ,how dangerous is bambie?



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         If by Bambi you mean white-tailed deer, then very dangerous. Though deer don’t usually attack people, the number of fatalities from deer-caused car crashes every year is far higher than the total bear and cougar fatalities put together. Every year there are over 150 car crash fatalities caused by deer. For comparison, there have been ten fatal cougar attacks in the U.S. since 1890. Bear fatalities average about  three per year in all of North America. With the increase in habitat destruction, attacks on humans by bears and cougars are increasing, but so are car crashes caused by deer.

    You can find more information about deer-vehicle collisions and how to avoide them here:


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    Deer are also known to attack humans — an occurrence even more common than attacks by bears or cougars.  During mating season (and occasionally at other times) male deer (like Bambi) become particularly edgy and aggressive.  If a human approaches a deer or makes it feel threatened, the deer may attack.  It can gore with its antlers or rear up on its hind legs to “punch” its hooves at what threatens it. 

    Of course, deer are not equipped for killing like a bear or a cougar.  They are equipped to defend, however, and sometimes that does cause injury and even death.

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